How to go about Converting DVD to iMovie for Edition

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Today media is the platform that is used widely for spreading the contents let it be visual or vocal. Internet has become the best choice for this and as it is being improvised day by day, no other service can be best. Internet has playing important role in providing media support like social networking, publishing and sharing videos and many more. However, many people use DVDs to store their data as it can carry huge data. Music albums, videos and movies with high quality can be easily stored in DVDs and carried from one place to another. Videos in the DVD are stored in VOB format that is supported by most DVD players.

If you are using Mac operating system and want t edit movies then you should use software tool called iMovie offered Apple Inc for its user. Now, the billion dollar question arises How to convert DVD to iMovie for edition. It is true that iMovie tool has the interface that helps the user to edit the video, but it does not support the VOB format. Therefore, you need to initially convert the VOB format to supported format. You need to search internet to find out the converting software that can help you in conversion. There is no direct method to convert DVD to iMovie for edition, as there are many obligations that have forced by the DVD makers.

Initially you need to find the software that can help you in removing the protections that has been imposed on the videos, and then you need to find the tolls that can convert VOB format to the supporting format, so that you can edit the videos using iMovie software. Apple has released software called Mac the ripper, which can be used for this purpose. It is the best tool that will help the users to remove the restriction imposed on the videos and covert the format of the videos.

Detailed Steps on converting DVD to iMovie for edition

* First you need run the software to convert DVD to iMovie format and save it on your computer

* Now open iMovie software and choose the path where you have saved the converted format like MP4.

* Now you need to specify the folder where you need to the output file, you can click the browse button on the software to do that.

* You need to check all the settings and make sure change it according to your requirements and after that just click the start button to initiate conversion.

Before starting the conversion, you should have idea about which all format is supported by iMovie, so that you can select the conversion software according to that. iMovie supports MPEG-2, MP4, HDV, DV-Standard and Quick Time Movie. Once the conversion is done, then you can use iMovie software to edit the video and enjoy. Once the conversion is done then you got the answer for converting DVD to iMovie for edition and you can edit the videos effortlessly as per your wish.

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