What are Three Cool Projects for a Small Linear Actuator?

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Small linear actuators fall in the category of the most versatile items in mechanics and engineering. They can perform a variety of functions in order to create motion including lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing. Small linear actuators will be found in electric drill presses, electric hospital beds, electric massage chairs and even CD drive heads so the next time you come across a small linear actuator don’t be afraid to think about using it for whatever project you are undertaking. Here are three interesting projects you can undertake with your small linear actuator.

Make an electric Sofa

Many people enjoy relaxing on their sofas for afternoon naps or when reading books or magazines but more often than not a number will wish to have sofas that can rock them around like rocking chairs so making electric sofas is a worthy idea for small linear actuators. They can be used very wisely to make the sofas rock slowly and in a soothing way. The whole idea is to figure out how and where to place the actuator so that the resulting motion can be distributed uniformly throughout the sofa. It is also good to have a switch somewhere for the user to turn the actuator on and off. This idea can of course be extended to home beds and massage chairs as well as dental seats.

Electrically operable office desks

This is yet another potential area for making use of your small linear actuator for the simple reason that executives and office users love comfort. Many of them will complain about having to bend in order to reach for the bottom drawer on their office desks. Making it easier for them to open and reach for items on these drawers is a great engineering as well as business idea. While at it you could also consider having a moveable table top and of course also include a conveniently placed switch for the functions. The project could extend to safes, cabinets and even book cases. It is all a matter of excellent engineering.

Linear motion water sprinklers.

Water sprinklers already rotate around when spraying water on farms but once the section they are spraying is completed one has to either move them or turn off the water. The other option would be placing several sprinklers at different sections of the farm. Wouldn’t the work be easier if the sprinklers could move to the next section instead of going through all that hustle? The idea can be put into use if a comprehensive design of the sprinkling method is outlined and worked on to finer details. The small actuators can be used to move the sprinklers along with the circular motion as well. Other agricultural machines and tools can also borrow from the idea in order to make work easier.

A small linear actuator shouldn’t be viewed as tool limited to only pre-existing functions because it can stretch out to as many projects as one decides to use it for. The most important thing you need to do is look for a supplier or manufacturer who can give you small linear actuators that will fit whatever project you are undertaking. It is also good to sought out the best engineers for projects that call for small linear actuators.

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